Dear Import Brands,
We are the facilitator for you
to expand your business
to Japan.

Progetto Fresco

We are
Import Facilitator

Expand Business
to Japan

We are a group of project-driven craftsmen who translate not only language but also the technology and culture to create a store that expresses your brand image.

Currently, our work focuses on supporting the overseas manufacturing and installation of fixtures for import brands. Even during to corona pandemic when it was impossible for our clients to come to abroad, our support continued with many completed projects.

To foreign companies thinking of expanding to Japan, we would like to hear your thoughts. We can support your expansion into Japan with our strengths in communication and technology, including store interior design, fixture installation, and maintenance.


The three pillars of our business: Store Interior, Fixture Installation, and Maintenance. We have worked with numerous brands and furniture manufacturers to solve a variety of store-related issues through our communication and technical skills. Our customers are at the center of our activities and we exist to support them. We will always strive to satisfy our clients.

“Progetto Fresco Diagram”


We support you in creating your ideal store by complying with various regulations such as Japan’s Building Standard Law and Fire Prevention Law. Meetings with landloads of department stores, shopping malls, etc. are also possible.


When foreign brands open stores in Japan, they sometimes import fixtures manufactured overseas. Various problems can occur in this process. Imported fixtures arrive broken in transit, fixtures are different from the dimensions on the drawings, parts sent are missing, etc.


Ongoing maintenance is required to keep the store open and operating for many years after its opening. Broken drawers in fixtures, light fixtures not lighting, peeling paint on fixtures, etc. We are capable of quickly handling many different types of maintenance, including millwork, electrical, and painting.

Communication skill
× Technical skill

We use English to communicate directly with the home country and affiliated companies to solve problems. We respond flexibly with the know-how, technology and craftsmanship we have cultivated over the years.

Case Study

The intention of the designer in the home country is not conveyed to the Japanese contractor.

Language barriers prevent designers from communicating their intentions and moving the project forward. Even if a staff member from the Japanese subsidiary intervenes, if that person does not have knowledge of design and construction, the original intention will not be conveyed. Understanding intentions through communication in English.

Follow-up with store development staff in Japan

Domestic store development staff in Japan are often not experts in interior design and construction. We are here to solve your problems, so please contact us to discuss your issues.

We can provide general services from design to construction.

We have professional staff for store design, design supervision, construction management, and completion of the store. Please consult with us from the planning stage.

Order-made fixtures and materials

We can also make use of our connections with overseas suppliers to provide custom-made fixtures and materials. Please let us know your various ideas that have not yet taken shape.

Want to repair/renovation a store but don’t know where to contact.

We will investigate, report, and repair/renovation the store, no matter how large or small the contents of the repair. We will coordinate with specialized contractors.

We can also respond to urgent maintenance needs.

We are able to respond to urgent maintenance requests by utilizing our expertise in dealing with a variety of sites. After receiving a request, we quickly respond with site surveys, material orders, and maintenance.

Materials used overseas cannot be used due to Japanese regulations.

Carpets and lighting fixtures: Finding alternatives in Japan. We will use our network to find alternatives that are similar in shape, material, color, etc.

Packages from overseas do not arrive on schedule.

Although shipping is often used from the viewpoint of sustainability, unexpected delays such as disputes and typhoons can occur. We coordinate with related companies to minimize the impact.

Fixtures manufactured overseas were of different sizes or were broken.

If it can be handled on site, it will be handled on site as is. If not, they will be taken to the factory for repair.


Design/Construction Chopard boutique Nagoya Matsuzakaya

Chopard is a Swiss luxury brand that offers a range of watches, jewellery, and accessories. We have designed many stores, and this time we also did the construction.

Construction Carolina Herrera Hankyu Umeda pop-up store

CH CAROLINA HERRERA is a lifestyle brand from New York. We have received many requests not only for construction but also for maintenance.

Maintenance Various types of maintenance

In addition to the above, fixture repairs, electrical work, repainting, floor repairs, etc. We respond to a variety of requests.

Company Profile

We are a new company, started in 2018. Our roots are in Fresco, founded in 1980. Fresco has a long history of designing branded stores. We, as the Construction Division of Fresco, have worked on the construction and maintenance of many brand name stores. We are looking forward to expanding our field and continuing to work with brands from around the world.

Mr. Yasuhiro Morimoto
15 February 2018
Major business
Interior finish work of commercial complex, Furniture import and sales
Special construction license No.149788
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